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Your children or students can learn the social skills needed to reject bullying through these fun, original, engaging, anti-bullying, educational songs for kids.


Cool Kind Kid’s 17 original, educational songs for children were commissioned by the developer of the Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition, to enhance the content of their bullying prevention program. These songs for kids support the educational premise that music helps keep young kids engaged and having fun while learning.  These fun anti-bullying songs can also be found in several of the Cool Kind Kid bully prevention books for parents, educators, and of course, kids.

This anti-bullying music is FUN for kids from ages 2-9.  Kids are engaged as they sing and dance to the music. Parents and teachers have shared that these educational songs for kids teach the social skills lessons and present the anti-bullying activities in a way that indicate the positive messages of Cool Kind Kid are being received and embraced. Each of these educational songs was written to teach a different social skill. The developer of the curriculum gave the song writer the educational content to include in each song. These catchy, entertaining, and educational songs help kids learn tools for rejecting bullying through social skills activities and anti-bullying lessons. This great educational music, along with fun characters and activities, teaches kids manners and social skills without nagging. The Cool Kind Kid® CD and its educational anti-bullying songs for kids are appropriate for either the home, classroom, or other children’s venues. 


1-Cool Kind Kid


9-My Family

13-Write It Down

2-That Is Why

6-When the Telephone Rings

10-Rude Rudy

14- School Rules


7-Wanda and Luggo

11-The Best Friend I Can Be

15-Manners Matter Everywhere

4-Magic Word Mambo

8-Polite to Me

12-Margie’s Slumber Party

16- Dan’s Disastrous Dining

17-True American


Cool Kind Kid CD—Winner of More than 16 Awards

The Parents’ Choice Foundation, 2004 & 2009 Approved Award:

With contemporary style and upbeat music, and lyrics that children can easily put into practice, this CD offers a fun way to teach manners and social skills — without being boring and uptight.

Comments from teachers who reviewed the CD for the 2006 Teachers’ Choice Award:
1. This CD is a powerful learning tool because it teaches the children through fun, upbeat music, with positive, easy to understand lessons.  The lyrics are appealing to the children and speak to them in their terms.
2. My students liked the music and quickly learned the words.  They enjoyed the positive messages and talking about manners and how they have been treated.  It made them look at how they were behaving.
3. This CD touches upon a very important theme that should be the focus in any early childhood program.  It works well because it speaks to the children.

Posting by Jennifer Yeager on—A really great tool for the Elementary School Counselor:
What a great tool for the elementary school counselor. I have used this tool for developmental guidance lessons about manners and etiquette and the kids LOVE IT! Teachers comment that kids are humming Cool Kind Kid and doing the motions we added to the song. I highly recommend this CD to anyone working with young children.

The National Parenting Center:  2007& 2009 Seal of Approval:
When we asked reviewers about this CD which teaches manners and social skills the last things we expected to hear were “fun,” “upbeat,” “catchy,” or “music that we loved dancing to.”  Just goes to show you.  We read rave reviews time and time again as parents sang the praises of this marvelous audio CD.  Of course, the fact that important lessons were being taught also helped.  Teaching children how to be polite and kind to others resonate throughout all the tracks.  Parents liked that the lyrics were printed for them to read and then sing along to.  Very well produced and wonderfully presented.  Cool Kind Kid really left quite an impression. – Kid Reporter:
This is a very cool music CD which includes 17 songs that demonstrate how to be polite and well mannered, with a catchy beat! I honestly thought it may be a little cheesy, but the CD pleasantly surprised me. The first song of the album, “Cool Kind Kid,” is simply perfect for teaching younger kids about proper behavior.

Common Sense Media:
Parents need to know that this award-winning album is a great way to teach your kids important life lessons, such as speaking clearly and answering the phone, as well as the importance of being kind to everyone.  Kids will learn social skills and what it means to be a bully without feeling like they’re being preached to.
Educational Value—A+ This album is meant to teach kids about etiquette, self-esteem, and how to be a positive example to those around them.  It puts basic manners in the spotlight in a way that kids will enjoy, dance to, and embrace.

5.0 out of 5 stars: MP3 Music Amazon Verified Purchase—Used these songs to teach a social skills class on Manners. The kids in the class loved the catchy tunes as do my own children at home.

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