Social Skills that Break the Cycle of Bullying by Redefining COOL!TM

Barbara Gilmour - Cool Kind Kid® Creator

  • Raised in a family where good manners and social skills were practiced
  • BS from Penn State University
  • Taught 1st social skills class to daughter’s graduating college friends
  • Mid-90’s researched and wrote two courses,
     Manners for Kids 8-12 and Manners for Teens;
     taught locally for several years
  • Early 2000’s expanded kids’ course  to focus on  educational programs for early grades
  • With help from two friends with doctorates developed full early grades curriculum
  • Commissioned original music CD by Steve Megaw
  • Developed two shorter camp programs for ages 4-6 and 7-9 as a result of successful pilot studies
  • Created line of consumer products at request of focus groups and market need
  • Contributing author, Kidsville News
  • Contributing author, Parents Ask, Experts Answer
  • Contributing Expert, Parental Wisdom
  • Author, Tanner Wants to be Cool™ Picture Book
  • Author, Raising a Cool Kind Kid™ Poem/Book

Why Cool Kind Kid?

Bullying has reached epidemic levels in the US, especially school bullying. Parents are frustrated that schools aren’t doing enough to solve this problem, and schools are frustrated that parents aren’t sending their kids to school with the social skills training they need to get along with one another. In between are the kids, daily subjected to teasing, exclusion, name calling, and other forms of bullying. Too many kids today think that mean, rude, and disrespectful behavior is cool. Cool Kind Kid® endeavors to change that thinking so kids learn that kind, caring, and respectful behavior is cool, and that bullying is the ultimate in uncool.

For years, social skills or social competence training have shown the most success in stopping bullying. However, most of the anti-bullying programs in the marketplace are reactive; addressing the bullying after it happens. Cool Kind Kid addresses bullying proactively. [And most current training doesn’t include the “Cool” factor.]

Cool Kind Kid has been at the forefront of addressing bullying proactively by creating fun, music-enhanced, pilot tested, kid endorsed social skills and bullying prevention products for both parents and schools. Children have fun and are engaged as they learn,  “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the BULLY.”™ We have seen changed behavior as kids learn they can be both kind and cool.

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