Social Skills that Break the Cycle of Bullying by Redefining COOL!TM


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Cool Kind Kid’s® main character is a boy named Tanner. He is a real person, the creator’s grandson. Tanner and his friends are bothered by the way that kids treat one another. Throughout the content, they  ask the question, “Why can’t kids be both kind and cool?” Tanner is kind, caring, respectful, accepting, and encouraging. He is a kid everyone wants to be around. In the first song on the Cool Kind Kid CD, Cool Kind Kid, Tanner, and other kids introduce this concept.

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Francie is a friend to all kids because she is kind and accepting of everyone. She has a lot of friends because she doesn’t tease, pick-on, or exclude anyone. She goes out of her way to befriend a shy, weak, or bullied child. She stands up to kids who bully and doesn’t participate in gossip. The song, The Best Friend I Can Be shows Francie’s good qualities and helps kids learn how to be a good friend, so they can have many friends.

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Radically Rude Rudalot is always rude. He thinks being rude is cool. He doesn’t have many friends. However, he isn’t aware that the way he behaves is impacting his friendships in a negative way. He is one of the few Cool Kind Kid characters that are negative, but he is needed to show kids how not to behave. He eventually learns that “the Kind kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.”TM Rude Rudy is one of the favorite songs on the CD.

Are you TOUGH enough to be KIND?

Are you COOL enough to be KIND?

Tanner Wants to be Cool!

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Tanner wants to be a cool kid but isn’t sure what makes him cool.™
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Tanner wants to be a cool kid but isn’t sure what makes him cool. Through this book (written with lots of speech bubbles) Tanner finds out that being kind, polite and showing respect is how you can be cool. Also included are two upbeat songs that can be downloaded. One is about being cool by being kind and the other one is about being polite. As a second grade teacher, I use every opportunity to teach my students about being kind and polite citizens so this book fits perfectly into classroom management routines. The songs are fun to sing along with for a movement/brain break throughout the day.
A Great Kid's Book with a Wonderful Lesson
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This is a great book and I love the message- that it's cool to be a kind kid! As the mom of 2 young boys, I appreciate the lesson that good manners are more than just saying "please" and "thank you." In a very kid-friendly format, kids will learn that good manners help make them a better person, son/daughter, student, helper, and friend. We read this book together and it has opened discussions with my kids about the choices they make and how they can do things for themselves & others that are kind.
This book is essential for all young kids!
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My kids, 5 and 7, loved this book! They loved the story and pictures. It was a great way to start the conversations at home about bullying. I highly recommend!
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Really liked this anti-bullying teaching tool in my past as a past first grade teacher in a tough neighborhood where my students really benefited from the lessons taught using this program. I recommend all early childhood teachers to buy and teach this program to all their students.
Teach your child as I intend to teach mine how destructive bullying is
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Great book, a part of a kit to teach children through fun learning how to not be the bully and how to recognize bullying. Being the Cool Kind Kid is something my child needs to learn. Hopefully it will make him a better child and student.
Five Stars
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Perfect message and perfect delivery. Teaching and Learning made fun!
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Bullying is a major problem among our children and teens. It is the number two epidemic in the US. Everyday children and our teens are bullying or being bullied. Children today or should I say people in general, have a lack of respect for others. When adults are that way, the children pick it up. It's especially hard for teens. Those teenage years are hard anyway. Add being bullied to it and sometimes, it's unbearable. Children hurt themselves and sometimes worse when they are bullied. They lose their self confidence, their self esteem. They feel they are nothing.This is not a problem just for one group of children. It hits ALL children in one way or another...