Anti Bullying

The Problem

All 50 states now have legislation in place directing school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies.  We have seen many bullying prevention programs, anti-bullying activities, bullying prevention books, etc., that have been developed to meet this need. However, most of these anti-bullying programs are reactive and are not addressing the root cause of the problem. Current research is now showing that these reactive measures are not working to stop the bullying. Are we just putting band-aids on our bullying crisis?

The Root Cause

The challenge is breaking the cycle at the beginning, the rudeness or incivility, which is the easiest part of the cycle to address. Current research is now supporting proactive social skills or social competence training, or social emotional learning, at young ages, as the missing link in bullying prevention. Experts suggest that success in anti-bullying for kids must begin with bullying prevention activities and lessons that stress kindness and empathy; there must be comprehensive social skills programs for kids. Our children want to feel safe, comfortable, confident, and accepted. 

Anti Bullying Course
Anti Bullying Help

The Solution

Cool Kind Kid addresses bullying proactively by offering bullying books for kids, fun, anti-bullying music-enhanced, pilot tested, kid endorsed, teacher applauded social skills activities and anti-bullying programs for parents, schools, and other learning environments. Children are engaged and having fun as they participate in these bullying prevention activities.  As Cool Kind Kid anti-bullying lessons redefine “COOL” for kids, we see changed behavior as they learn, “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.”