4 out of 5 stars: Amazon Verified Purchase—Easy read that will spark dialogue This book is set up with one side of the page being kid friendly language about how to be Cool Kind Kids, while the other side is for parents/teachers regarding talking points with children. The entire book is a quick, easy read that will spark dialogue. There are 76 tips that could easily be illustrated by students and displayed through the school, giving students ownership in being COOL Kind Kids. Children want to please adults in their lives we just need to teach, guide and reinforce appropriate behavior and using this book is a good reminder for all parents, teachers, administrators and other adults in children’s lives.

5 out of 5 stars:  Amazon Verified Purchase—Parents need to understand what causes bullying and what to do to help their children. Great book to help young children understand bullying as well as helping parents help their children.

5.0 out of 5 stars: Amazon Verified Purchase—Put this book in all our schools. Enjoyed this book. Very educational and should be in every school to be shared with teachers and parents to teach needed learning skills for our children.

Goodreads review- Raising a Cool Kind Kid – Bullying Prevention Tips by Barbara Gilmour

Gayle Pace Bemiown’sReview—Condensed

5 out of Stars!

…It isn’t easy being a child or a teen these days. SO much peer pressure. If you are the least bit different, you are subjected to bullying… Some kids don’t learn the values of kindness and respectfulness at home. To reject bullying, children need confidence and social skills. The author tells about how being “Cool” is being kind, caring and respectful. Being “Uncool” is being a bully. Children must learn to stand up for themselves and learn how to say “No” when needed. Don’t let bullying continue. If you see it happening, step in and help. Be an advocate for stopping bullying. A nice feature is at the end of the book there are some spaces for the young ones to write what they would do “if”. It gives a personal touch for the reader. We need these kind of teaching books for our young ones.