Bullying Prevention through Social Skills:  The FUN way!  For camps, summer, after-school, community and recreation programs:

  • Loaded with kid appeal
  • Award-winning music
  • Flexible format
  • Invites creativity
  • Counselor/instructor friendly
  • Minimal prep needed

Give children the social skills they need to succeed in life:

  • Learning to feel comfortable and confident in any social situation
  • Living The Golden Rule is what makes us cool
  • Equipping children to get along
  • Preventing bullying

Each Camp Kit comes with 1 Workbook and 1 Activity Booklet, all in a sturdy, clear, zip top holder

  • 1 Workbook, which includes

    • Counselor’s/Instructor’s Guide
    • Table of Contents
    • Reproducible handouts and supplemental activities
    • Digital Download components include:
      • Cool Kind Kid® Award-Winning Digital Audio CD (With Vocals)
      • Cool Kind Kid® Digital Audio CD (Music Only)
      • Reproducible Lyrics Sheets
      • Additional Training Information
  • 1 Activity Booklet

    • Workbook and Activity Booklet include:
      • Camp Kit (4 to 6)- 120 Short, Fun, Interactive Activities
      • Camp Kit (7 to 9)- 100 Short, Fun, Interactive Activities


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