The Cool Kind Kid Social Skills and Bullying Prevention School Assembly Program has received RAVE REVIEWS from students and educators. Fun and engaging skits and musical numbers are teaching children social skills for preventing bullying. Featuring educational music from the Award-Winning Cool Kind Kid® CD – Winner of more than 15 National Awards, kids are engaged and having fun as they watch this elementary school assembly program that encourages kids to be kind to be cool.

Kids can learn and perform these musical skits in theater or music programs in schools, camps, community or rec programs. This school assembly program can be a great review and extension of the Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition. Get middle and high school age kids on board with performances for younger kids. Through this engaging musical program, we can provide our children with fun, proactive ways to equip them to build healthy relationships and reject bullying. Cool Kind Kid redefines COOL so that kids learn, “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.™

Downloadable Kit Includes:

  • Cool Kind Kid® CD with Vocals
  • Cool Kind Kid® Music Only CD
  • Reproducible Lyrics Sheets
  • Scripts: 5 Skits
  • Scripts: 5 Musical Numbers
  • Video: All Inclusive
Once payment is received, you will be directed to info@coolkindkid.com so you can receive your
School Assembly Kit downloads in PDF, MP3 and MP4 formats.

Select skits and musical numbers to fit your time frame:

(2:02) “Cool Kind Kid,” Track 1
(7 min.) Blurty Skit | Talking and Listening
(1:34) “Rude Rudy,” Track 10
(7 min.) Wanda and Luggo Skit | First Impressions
(2:02) “Magic Word Mambo,” Track 4
(4 min.) Polite to Me, Skit 1 | Personal Manners
(5 min.) Polite to Me, Skit 2 | Personal Manners
(2:58) “School Rules, ” Track  14
(7 min.) “School Rules, ” Track  14
(7 min.) Dining Dilemma Skit |Table Manners
(2:10) “Manners Matter Everywhere,” Track 15


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