Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition

Research since 2008 has been supporting social competence training as the missing link in bullying prevention. The proactive Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition, is award-winning music and fun characters and activities that engage students as they learn tools for rejecting bullying.

This curriculum overview provides a close look at the content, formatting, and samples of activities in each of the 4 Modules. It includes alignment with Common Core and National Standards, Parent Involvement, and ways that students learn to be “Cool Kind Kids.” As this course redefines “cool” for students, the motivation for bullying is considerably weakened. They learn, “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.”

[We recommend this course for grades 2/3 -4/5, since students need to be able to read to do many of the activities.]

What is Cool Kind Kid®?

  • An anti-bullying program that combines manners, etiquette, and social skills for children to proactively address school bullying
  • An engaging, teacher-friendly, student-centered curriculum that motivates children to learn and apply life changing social skills

Results? Children demonstrating improved behavior, excellent character, positive self-esteem, and the self-confidence to reject bullying and being bullied

Lesson Features

  • Each lesson introduces a different social skill
  • Original award-winning songs
  • Flexible format; minimal preparation required
  • Fun poems, art, games, role-plays, exercises, and other enrichment activities

Our Curriculum Package Includes:

  •  Educator’s Guide
  •  Suggestions for Parental Involvement (English and Spanish)
  •  Alignment with Common Core and National Education Standards
  •  2 Laminated Placemats
  •  4 Module Binders, which include:
    • 14 Comprehensive Lessons
    • Reproducible Handouts and Enrichment Activities
  •  Music Component/Digital Download includes:
    • Cool Kind Kid® Award-Winning Digital Audio CD (With Vocals)
    • Cool Kind Kid® Digital Audio CD (Music Only)
    • Reproducible Lyrics Sheets
    • Numerous fun, engaging music-related activities

 All materials packaged in a handy carrying bag

Upon purchase, you will be directed to email info@coolkindkid.com to access your digital download files.

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