Cool Kind Kid Poem Bookmarks describe who and what is a “Cool Kind Kid®” 

This poem, written shortly after 9/11, gives parents and educators a quick guide to the qualities involved in How to Raise a Cool Kind Kid.  Each stanza tells important tips for achieving the values, character, and behavior we all want to see in our children.  Be sure to send the bookmark home with kids so the parents can reinforce the bullying prevention lessons and behaviors at home.  Use these fun bookmarks as incentives, prizes, etc. for good behavior.  Refer to the poem over and over as a social skills activity to refresh kids’ minds about what is ”cool’ behavior.  This fun anti-bullying tool can be the focus of role-plays, and other activities. Another social skills activity is to use the content to create a rap or song.  Use this poem as a resource for your kids’ or students’ social skills training.

Research now supports social skills as the missing link in bullying prevention. Through this poem and the accompanying tips, kids can learn that they can be both cool and kind. They can learn how to reject being a child who bullies, a bully bystander, and a bully victim. As they embrace the positive messages of Cool Kind Kid, they learn that, “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.”™

The poem is now the focus and content for the new Raising a “Cool Kind Kid” Book available here:

Raising a “Cool Kind Kid”™ is Bullying Prevention Tips for parents (and educators) to use to help children learn how to be Cool Kind Kids®.

Bullying Prevention Book for Kids

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