Parent/Child Resource Kit – Social Skills for Bullying Prevention – 10 Products – Ages 4-9

Parents and Children Work Together to:

  • Learn Social Skills – The Missing Link in Bullying Prevention
  • Redefine “Cool” – The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the Bully
  • Have FUN – Award-Winning Songs, Role-Plays, Games and Characters

Bullying has reached epidemic levels in the US Today! Both parents and educators are frustrated that there hasn’t been a solution to this problem. Is your children’s school dealing with bullying issues to your satisfaction?  Or are they handling bullying situations re-actively, after the fact.   Though those reactive measures are necessary, they aren’t getting to the root of the problem. What is needed is proactive social skills and bullying prevention programs.

Cool Kind Kid has been involved with developing proactive social skills and anti-bullying educational programs for many years.  We have seen changed behavior as kids learn the social skills tools they need to get along with others.  Kids are engaged and having fun as we redefine “cool” to mean kind, caring, and respectful. They learn that bullying is the ultimate in uncool.  They see that they can be both kind and cool.

You can view the 10 products included in the kit in the carousel to the left.  These products are designed for parents of kids ages 4-9 to take individual situations from everyday life and help their kids learn the kind, cool way of behaving.

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