Cool Kind Kid® Wrist Bands— “I’m a Cool Kind Kid Challenger” [Youth Size]

Kids love wrist bands, and what better way to teach important social skills lessons than by providing them with a fun reminder of what they are learning. Because bullying is so prevalent today, and is starting as young as age 3, we need to provide social skills training for kids that is fun and engaging to be effective.

Most kids love a challenge; it encourages them to do their best, to learn a new skill, or to just try harder.  The Cool Kind Kid Challenger Wrist Bands were created to give kids that challenge: to be Cool Kind Kids themselves, and to challenge their friends to also be Cool Kind Kids.  This Challenge is a fun way to get kids on board to learn the social skills they need to reject bullying.

The Cool Kind Kid Challenge asks kids:
           “Are you TOUGH enough to be KIND?”
           “Are you COOL enough to be KIND?” 

Are you TOUGH enough to help a friend who is being bullied?
Are you COOL enough to ask a shy or new kid to eat lunch with you?
Are you TOUGH enough to report someone being hurt by a kid who is bullying?
Are you COOL enough to walk away from a group that is gossiping?
Are you COOL enough to refuse to post or share something that will hurt someone? 

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Weight 4.0000 oz
Dimensions 1.0000 × 9.0000 × 7.0000 in


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