Preschool Placemats – Table Manners and Dining Skills

Cool Kind Kid® Laminated Etiquette and Manners Preschool Placemats for PRESCHOOL Ages.

Bullying is starting in preschool, as young as age three.  Our children are going to daycare, preschool, and other babysitting or learning environments earlier than in previous generations.  Many are not going with the social skills they need to get along with other children.  This causes problems that prevent kids from learning and having fun.

Research is now showing that social skills training, or social competence training, at young ages, are the missing link in bullying prevention.  Studies are showing that children starting school, or daycare, without appropriate social skills training are at a distinct disadvantage not only in getting along with peers, but in their ability to learn.  Studies further suggest that in addition to the basic ABC’s and 123’s usually taught in preschool, that the addition of social skills training has shown marked improvement in children’s daily interaction with others, and improved success throughout their school years.

Kids’ social skills training helps them avoid teasing when eating with peers. These preschool placemats help 3-6 year-old’s learn how to set the table correctly.  They teach the correct placement of utensils in place settings.  One side of this fun learning tool shows the “Rude and Crude” mixed up place setting and the other side shows the “Polite and Right” place setting.  This fun preschool placemat features an easy way to learn what goes where, using pictures of a child’s hands. Laminated versions can be colored over and over with washable markers.

Day cares, preschools or school classrooms can use the laminated version of this preschool placemat in wholesale quantities, or in the paper version.  These social skills activities provide students with a fun learning experience.  Teaching children manners is one of the most important things that we can give our children.

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