Cool Kind Kid® Laminated Etiquette and Manners Placemat for ELEMENTARY School Ages. 

Bullying is happening in all areas where kids are interacting with one another.  It is happening more and more online now, and with younger children, often as young as age 3.  The school campus is a prime location for bullying, and the cafeteria is one of the places within a school where kids can be subjected to bullying.   Kids with poor table manners or dining skills often experience teasing, being picked on, or excluded by peers.  They may even be excluded from parties and invites to restaurants with friends.

Proactive table manners training can give kids the confidence to know that they are doing everything right and eliminate the fear of being excluded or teased.  Worse than that is their fear of being embarrassed.  Boost kids’ social skills confidence by helping them learn to eat like a ‘Cool Kind Kid.’  These elementary placemats help 5-9 year-olds learn how to set the table correctly, and remember the basic “do’s” and “don’ts” of table manners.

One side of this fun learning tool shows the “Rude and Crude” place setting and table manners “don’ts,” and the other side shows the “Polite and Right” table setting and table manners “do’s.” This fun kind of social skills training teaches table manners and dining skills in a way that a child will always remember.  The laminated version of this elementary placemat can be colored over and over with washable markers.

Classrooms can use the laminated version of this elementary placemat in wholesale quantities, or in the paper version.  These social skills activities provide students with a fun learning experience as they embrace skills that build their confidence, increase friendships, and reduce incidences of bullying. Research is now showing that social skills training, or social competence training, at young ages, are the missing link in bullying prevention.

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