Award-winning Cool Kind Kid Audio CD-17 Original, Educational Songs for Kids, Ages 3-9, in full jewel case with lyrics, and shrink-wrapped.

These educational songs for children teach kids manners and social skills.

Research now Supports Social Skills as the Missing Link in Bullying Prevention.

Help your children or students learn the social skills tools they need for rejecting bullying through these fun, original, engaging, educational anti-bullying songs.

  • 17 original songs for children: FUN songs for kids 2-9
  • Catchy, entertaining, and educational songs that teach kids social skills to reject bullying
  • Each engaging song teaches a different social skill
  • Great educational music that teaches manners without nagging
  • Sing-a-long music for kids for home or classroom
  • Award-winning music for children by Steve Megaw
  • Kids love to create dance moves and hand motions to these fun songs for kids.

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