COOL KIND KID® Bullying Prevention Books for Kids

Bullying has reached epidemic levels in the US now! It is starting in preschool, as young as age 3.  Research is showing that social skills training, at young ages, is the missing link in bullying prevention.

Cool Kind Kid® has been addressing bullying proactively with the development of our social skills programs for primary students. Recent feedback from parents and teachers showed the need for shorter, less expensive bullying books for kids. Our bully prevention books are unique in that most include songs from the award-winning Cool Kind Kid audio CD. These fun, educational songs for kids are each teaching a different social skill. Of all the kids’ books on bullying available, only Cool Kind Kid addresses the concept that kids today think that bullying and other mean behaviors are cool. As kids do fun social skills activities in these kids’ books on bullying, behavior improves as they learn that they can be both kind and cool. 


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