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Do you want to provide your children with the social skills tools they need to build healthy relationships?

Do you want to equip them with the tools to reject bullying?

[Research is now showing that social skills, or social competence training, at young ages, are the missing link in bullying prevention.]

 You can Build their Social Self-Confidence through FUN Social Skills Classes

Southeast New Jersey only

6 two-hour classes

Last class is restaurant meal

Boys and Girls

Grades 3 & 4

Small class size

Award-winning music

Fun characters

Lots of activities

Parent review after each class

 Kids are engaged and having fun as they learn…“The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully”™

See New Class Schedule here:

CLASS 1.  –  Feb. 18  –  4-6 PM  –  Introducing Tanner and Manners, The magic words 5, 4, 3.


Class 2.  –  Feb. 25  –  4-6 PM  –  Talking and Listening, First Impressions, Personal Manners.


Class 3.  –  March 10  –  4-6 PM  –  Rude Behaviors, Friends, Guests, Hosts, and Parties.


Class 4.  –  March 17  –  4-6 PM  –  Family Manners, School, Sports.


Class 5.  –  March 24  –  4-6 PM  –  Presents, Gifts, and Thank-you notes, Manners in Public, Dining Review


Class 6.  –  March 31  –  4-6 PM  –  

6th class is on Tuesday, Mar. 31 at Fitzpatricks Restaurant in Somers Point, NJ where the children will receive a full course meal with dining instruction. 
CLASS LOCATION: Next Class Session will be at Fusion Church, 701 New Hampshire Ave. Somers Point, NJ

Class Size is Limited - Sign Up Early

6 Classes = 12 hours = $200

[After purchase you will receive an emailed registration form.]
Instructor: Barbara Gilmour—call or email with questions and to receive details