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12/13/2019…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…Really? It’s that season, so I guess I have to endure Mommy’s holiday outfits for me. I do this because I love her. I hope that you do things you aren’t crazy about so you can show your love for your family. 

12/20/2019…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…I’m a well-dressed English Bulldog. I don’t need a sweater in Las Vegas, but I do need it when I go where its cold. If you live where its cold, be sure to obey your parents when they tell you to wear your coat or sweater. You don’t want to get sick. Besides, doing what parents say sometimes results in treats.  It does for me.

12/27/2019…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…Now I’m really embarrassed. A holiday sweater with antlers is just too much. But if it makes Mommy happy, then I’ll suffer through. Remember its best to keep your family happy.  And you might even get special privileges, like extra time at the dog park.  That works for me.  What is a special privilege for you?

01/03/2020…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeah! Once again I’m forced to wear something silly. But mommy wanted me to wish you a Happy New Year, so here I am. Where did my ears go? I hope that you will be kinder in the new year, especially to your pets. 

01/10/2020…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…Here’s my other New Year message: Don’t be a bully! Just because I’m an English Bullie doesn’t mean that I get to bully anyone. So I don’t want you to do that. No-one will like you when you bully. Be kind, caring, polite, and have lots of treats ready for pets who visit. Stay warm by the fire in this cold weather, unless you live in Las Vegas like me.

01/17/20…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…I got a lot of toys over the holidays. I love to chew and play tug-of-war with my people. Sometimes I don’t play fair, because I don’t want to let go of the toy. If someone is willing to play with you, be sure to play fair. If you don’t, then they won’t want to play with you any more. 

01/24/2020…OLIVER’S TIPS FOR KIDS…I’m almost home now from our visit to NJ and DE to see Mommy’s family. I’m not allowed to talk about our trips until after we are home, so the robbers don’t come to our house. But we had a fun time with Aunt Betsy traveling east. We did have a flat tire near Nashville that caused some problems.  I had to share my backseat with a tire. Ugh! But the good news is that we arrived safely and had a great visit. I got lots of new toys. Yes, I remembered to say “thank you” like I hope that you did too.